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Reflections on the Worth of Lifespring - Page 2

So, it is with you and through you, as elements of a living, social being that we work toward realizing the potential upon which the vision of America was founded.

Part of our challenge as an organization is to stay current with the demands of our graduates, which change as the world changes. Staying current necessitates shifting our momentum and changing directions. A look at advertising campaigns illustrates the persuasiveness of our commitment to personal fulfillment. Exhortations include, "taste the good life," "you deserve a break today," "discover the rich, smooth flavor," "live a cut above." We may not always manifest personal fulfillment, but we are familiar with what it requires, what it offers, and its limitations.

In investigating our priorities, we have observed that while fulfillment as 'happiness' or 'feeling good' remains an important element of our journey through life, it is no longer an end in itself. People are concerned with other dimensions of fulfillment now. Madison Avenue now urges us to "master the possibilities," "be all that you can be," "discover the choices." We have begun to see that effectiveness and accomplishment are paramount concerns for conscious individuals.

"The purpose of life is not to be happy. The purpose of life is to matter, to be productive, to have it make some difference that you lived at all. Happiness, in the ancient, noble version, means self-fulfillment, and is given to those who use to the fullest whatever talents God or luck or fate bestowed on them."

- Leo Rosten, Passions and Prejudices

At the core of the quest to matter is an emphasis on the social individual's impact in the world around him.

What do I mean by effectiveness and accomplishment? As the climate around us continually changes, our ability to shift our internal 'climate' is tested. Effectiveness is commonly described as a state of doing things well, an ability to produce results. But further, effectiveness is a versatility in the way of being which supports accomplishment of the project at hand, whatever that project is. This distinction carries more power than merely learning to be better at what you do; it means eliciting actions unprecedented for you in order to meet new demands.

"We are still far from pondering the essence of action decisively enough. We view action only as causing an effect. The actuality of the effect is valued according to its utility. But the essence of action is accomplishment. To accomplish means to unfold something into the fullness of its essence, to lead it forth into this fullness ..."

- Martin Heidegger, "Letter On Humanism"

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