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Reflections on the Worth of Lifespring - Page 3

Accomplishment includes producing results and completing tasks, but is really a much larger opening. Accomplishment involves unlocking possibilities and then building upon the discoveries you make. You are actually a different person after accomplishment.

A prerequisite of effectiveness and accomplishment is that your principles and concerns show up in your projects. Only then do you have the commitment to persevere in the face of breakdowns or interruptions. In fact, the only time you show up as your commitment is when you are challenged by breakdown.

We at Lifespring see ourselves facing a new charge: to provide an opening for people to engage their principles and to achieve new levels of effectiveness and accomplishment.

Fundamental to Lifespring's effectiveness is our commitment to the power of inquiry versus the weight of answers. Answers or positions can become roadblocks to progress, while rigorous questioning is a process of opening.

"The stupidity of people comes from having an answer for everything. When Don Quixote went out into the world, that world turned into a mystery before his eyes . . . The novelist teaches the reader to comprehend the world as a question. There is wisdom and tolerance in that attitude . . . all over the world people nowadays prefer to judge rather than to understand, to answer rather than ask so that the voice of the novel can hardly be heard over the noisy foolishness of human certainties."

- Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

Questions create an opportunity for motion, for evolution. In our dynamic world-society, recognition of the significance of inquiry is a powerful tool in our investigation of the mystery of being human. Inquiry in the realm of the human being may be compared to the story told by Francis Bacon in The Advancement of Learning in which a man told his sons he had left them gold buried somewhere in his vineyard:. . . "They, by digging, found no gold, but by turning up the mold about the roots of the vines, procured a plentiful vintage. So the search and endeavors to make gold have brought many useful inventions and instructive experiments to light." The conversation that has you engaged in questions is one which allows for possibility and inspiration.

I have personally undertaken a rigorous philosophical inquiry with particular emphasis on Lifespring's purpose and methods. I have been grappling with such questions as "What is a human being?" "What is possibility?" "What is language?" "How can we be in the world with an authenticity that allows for effectiveness and possibility?" As my search deepens, answers seem to grow ever shallower. To paraphrase Ludwig Wittgenstein on the subject of propositions: they are nonsensical, useful only as steps to climb beyond; we must, so to speak, throw away the ladder after we have climbed.

All of this contemplation, however, is useless unless it generates effective action.


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