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The Founding of Lifespring

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How to Realize Your Dreams and Improve Your Life

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How to Realize Your Dreams and Improve Your Life - Page 3

WB: Does Lifespring bear any resemblance to EST, another popular human potential training program?

John Hanley: I've never done EST, but I hear it's a good program. The difference is that EST tends to be intellectual, presenting concepts rather than experiences. Also, EST has a particular way that people must do their seminar and a particular bent on where people are when they come in and where they'll be when they come out. Our focus is that people are perfect when they come in the door and don't have to change anything. We just try to open up the possibility for them to take a different direction if they want to. At Lifespring, we're deeply compassionate with people.

WB: What do you say to skeptics who scoff, "Oh, here's yet another mind thing from California?"

John Hanley: I'd say, "I'm not suggesting you need Lifespring, nor am I suggesting that your life is anything other than what it ought to be." I'd also say, "This mind thing from California has stood the test of time. We've been around for years and we've gotten results. Studies done by the best psychologists at the most prestigious universities unequivocally support the following: that people who take the Lifespring course tend to be more effective and productive in their relationships, business activities, etc. Call it 'a mind thing from California,' if you like, but it works for people."


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