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The Founding of Lifespring, A History by John Hanley - Page 3

Next, I discovered that whether I liked it or not, all I had going for me was me, period. Nobody else in the world had the same feelings, the same brain, the same body. I was an individual, and that horrified me! Recognizing that you are one of a kind tends to make you feel like a loner. You see that only you have the right answers for you. Other people can't help you, they can only assist.

Before long, I began sensing the benefits. The more I got in touch with my uniqueness, the more power I had because I knew my resources and was able to draw on them. From this emerged a sense of pride, a sense of respect. Suddenly life became relatively pain free, which posed a tremendous conflict.

I no longer had that familiar space of pain to hang out in. I had to approach the world from a different perspective, which was, "John Hanley, you have everything you need in order to get and be all that you want to get and be." I saw then what is true for all of us: that I am 100 percent responsible for whatever happens in my life.

That was a heavy one, but, by accepting it-by allowing my individuality to surface-my life changed dramatically. Where before life was hard (because "life is supposed to be hard"), today life is easy. It's a coast. I have tons more joy in my life than ever before. The price I have paid to be in joy most of the time is self-awareness.

Just now, for the first time, I'm beginning to get really close to people. My relationship with my wife is the strongest, the closest, it's ever been. I have more money now than ever before. I get more results in an hour than I used to get in two weeks. Because life takes far less personal energy now, it leaves a vast reservoir for subjective work on myself, for recreation, lovemaking, for all kinds of things. I am able to be a more creative person, a more "there" person, with less effort. The experience of accepting my individuality has inspired within me a certain feeling of compassion, understanding, even empathy for myself.

Yes, and admiration too. I feel solid about myself. I like so much of who I am that I want to share it. And each time I do, I get a clearer picture of me. Everyone should feel so good, for everyone and I have the same things. I absolutely believe that God did not discriminate. All it takes is a willingness to set one's feet on the path of self-discovery and a persistence to keep going until you tap the joy!

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