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The Founding of Lifespring

Reflections on the Worth of Lifespring

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Reflections on the Worth of Lifespring

Our concern is to generate openings for accomplishment and effective action in a world of peace and caring human interaction. Lifespring is an organization dedicated to the possibility of the individual and the world. Lifespring is an opening for designing ourselves such that we act out of the concern and commitment that we are. We proudly acknowledge our proficiency as a clearing for evoking people's commitment in a caring climate.

Transformation continues for us as we shift our way of being to be consistent with your needs and the general needs of our society. As the rate of change quickens, I see us like the man Plato describes in his work "The Statesman:"

Everyone of us is like a man who sees things in a dream and thinks that he knows them perfectly and then wakes up to find that he knows nothing.

Staying awake in the face of that seductive dream state necessitates constant self-assessment, critique, and renewal. As the inscription on Mark Twain's bust in the Hall of Fame reads, "Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul." In my evaluation of Lifespring, I ask, what is the concern and commitment that we are, and how are we demonstrating it?

One of our goals, certainly, is to contribute to your well-being as an individual. But is it possible to attain individual well-being independent of the social organism? One of the fundamental principles upon which America was founded is individual liberty. However, can we separate individual liberty from social responsibility in a practical sense? I ask these questions not to provoke political debate, but to illuminate that we are social beings, and that it is our participation as social beings that causes progress, fulfillment, and the opening of possibility.

"It may be that the human facility for invention . ... is a by product of the need to live in stable social groups."

- Richard Leakey, Origins

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