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The Founding of Lifespring

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A Graduate's Story

A Graduate's Story

Never in the history of Lifespring has there been a more dramatic demonstration of the salutary power of its processes than in the story of 25-year-old Raye, serving a life sentence without possibility of parole for first degree murder.

Raye was convicted but has steadfastly denied her participation with another young woman in setting up and murdering a third. They were allegedly paid to do so by their employer, the owner of a topless bar where Raye was known as "The Snake Lady" because she danced with a six-foot boa constrictor.

Raye pled not guilty, accused witnesses against her of lying, and has, ever since, claimed to have been the victim of a bum rap. Moderately good looking, she has long, bushy, curly hair which at the beginning of the training sessions effectively concealed her face.

She was uncommunicative and quiet until the morning of the third day when she rose from her chair, walked up to the platform, and stood before the mic. She spoke with difficulty, her voice choked with emotion.

Said she, "When I came in here [to the training session] it was a game. I came as an observer. I was trying to be slick. But last night I looked at myself in the mirror, and what I saw was hate. Hate in my eyes. I saw myself and I was a bitch!" Then, with tears running down her cheeks, she cried out, "I am a bitch! It hurt. I've been pretending to be what I am not. I don't want to be that. I want to be myself and to love myself."

She stood speechless before the mic for a long time, struggling to gain control of herself. She hung her head and the bush of hair hid her face. Her trim, small body shook like an aspen leaf and she seemed to quiver in every limb. Her fists were clenched and she was racked with sobs.

Finally, she continued. "A lot of you know what I am here for-and it's the truth!" she exclaimed. "I'm guilty!" And then, to our amazement, we saw her break down and confess to murder which she had long denied. "I know I did it. I've been lying to myself. I didn't actually kill her myself but I did kill her because I was there and I could have saved her. Now I am facing it and it hurts."

Tears ran down her cheeks, and her words, interspersed with sobs, seemed compelled by a force greater than herself. "I deserve the time I got. I deserve it!"

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